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Rome: The Eternal City Reawakens

Rome, which has been closed to tourists for more than a year, is coming out of its slumber now that Italy has opened its borders to leisure travel.  The weather is beautiful, restaurant terraces are open all over, crowds are few.  Covid cases are on a steady downward trend, quarantine for arriving tourists has been lifted, the nightly curfew has been abolished. 

It’s an opportune time to travel to Italy.

Here's what to expect regarding moving about, eating out, and seeing the sights in The Eternal City during the summer of 2021.

Rome Summer 2021 - What to Expect


Customers who present a negative pre-flight Covid test are being welcomed back onboard flights to Italy. Delta was the first U.S. airline to get back in the game, announcing in May that it would be resuming “Covid-tested” flights to Rome and Milan.  

The previous quarantine required of arriving travelers arriving in Italy is no longer in effect, so you can hit the ground running with your Rome touring plans as soon as you get off the plane.


In spite of getting off to a slow start, Italy’s vaccination plan seems to be taking hold.  Over 50% of the population over the age of 12 has been vaccinated as of the date of this post.  Source:

The initial vaccination of the elderly has had a marked effect on the reduction of new cases, and this trend has been steadily more positive since early April.

Italy has been using a colour-coded system to classify the status of the pandemic in each of its regions.  Most regions are now in the yellow and white categories, which basically means the alarm bells are off and we can dine out, shop, and move around freely.  

In some regions masks are still required outside, but this is diminishing as more regions are shifting from yellow- to white-zone status.  Children under 6 are not required to wear masks.

Most galleries, museums, and archeological sites have been reopened.

The most current information on Covid measures in Italy is available on the Ministero della Salute website.


There are some important changes to note here.  

Even though crowds in Rome are few, pre-booking is now required at many tourist sites, especially on the weekends.  Seeing as demand is low a day of lead time is usually sufficient, even at popular galleries, museums, and archeological sites.  Do some research before you arrive.  “Be prepared” is the name of the game when traveling in Rome this summer.

If you have hired DriverInRome for a private excursion or tour we will make arrangements for skip-the-line tickets for you.


The pandemic has been hard on the tourism and hospitality sectors in Italy, as in all the world.  Sadly, some establishments have not not survived the hardship, but enthusiasm is abounding now that summer is here and restrictions have been loosened (in particular the lifting of the 11pm curfew).  Tables and umbrellas are spilling onto the piazzas and into the streets, and locals are out in force enjoying the balmy evenings.  

Of course the big silver lining of the Covid crisis is that the usual summer glut of tourists in Rome is non-existent, which makes touring so much more pleasant.  In addition, there has been an increase in the number of outdoor events being created.

Rome Summer 2021: A Unique Opportunity

This summer in Italy presents the traveler with a unique opportunity, not only to enjoy The Eternal City without the usual crowds but also to be part of reinvigorating the world as we emerge from our collective Covid coma.  We are waiting for you!

For tours and day trips with a private car and driver please get in touch!

We can help you not only in Rome but in all of Italy.

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